Cosplay 101: From a Beginner’s Point of View

Published June 4, 2016 by cakedablerd

Look at it. It’s beautiful!

Summer con season is in full swing and that means that lots of people are buying fabric, burning fingers on hot glue guns, and are inhaling bad substances to get that armor just right. But here you are thinking “But Cake, how can I do it? I do not know where to begin.” Well, check this out. I was in that same place.

Wait, I am still in that place.

Anyhow, I am writing this because I, too, want to cosplay and is currently working on somethings that I will be doing for Otakon 2016. So I figure why not show my process and really talk about what it takes to put together a cosplay. So, over the next few months up to when I will actually wear the piece, I will show my work in a sense either here or on my Facebook page (CakedaBlerd). But before any work can be shown we need to go through the basics.

Character Choice

Listen, I am a firm believer of “if you want to cosplay it, do it”. Choose a character that you are familiar with or at least that you always thought in your mind  “I want to do that character”.  Do not allow the “race” of the character stop you from doing it. Just do not paint yourself a human skin tone that it not yours to be that character (i.e. putting on brown makeup to be Yoruichi from Bleach. Just don’t. It’s not cool.).

Also, when picking your character, make a folder and get as many reference pictures from as many angles that you can get. Hell, if you love the character to the point that you have a figurine of them, that is even better. The more the better in this case.

To Buy or To Make…That is the Question

If you know that you can’t sew a button on a shirt to save your life, buy it. If you know how to draft patterns, make it. If you don’t know how to do something and you are too afraid to jack it up, get it commissioned by someone who can. If you are crunched for time and you know how to modify that cheap Halloween costume, do that. In other words, it depends on your skill set and your time frame on which one you should do.

Again, like I said before, I am a beginner myself. So these are some of my tips that I have learned so far. I will make this a series when I begin the construction of my costume. Oh by the way, don’t fall into the cosplay trap. Trust me, you will wonder where did all the time go.

But I will leave you will a funny, but true statement about cosplay….

File Jun 03, 4 12 47 PM

 Until next time….


A Broken Team: Captain America: Civil War review

Published May 7, 2016 by cakedablerd

Disclaimer: this is spoiler review. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. You won’t be disappointed. 

Oh May, you mean so much to me. Finals are around the corner. Prom season has arrived but that’s not my reason for being happy for May. It’s my favorite time of the year for one reason: the beginning summer movie season. Which leads me into my excitement for Captain America: Civic War. I’m going to be honest. I was not there just for the story, I was there for the butts (I mean, Bucky looks good in them pants. Hnnnn….) *coughs* But, anyway Civil War takes place after Age of Ultron and, let’s just say, things are complicated to say the least.


Befitting,  right? But really, spoilers.

We start off with a flash back. Around 1991 to be exact. It shows the process in detail on how they prepped Bucky and his brain to be pretty much a mindless soldier. You see the Russians say a list words to “activate” him for a mission in which you see that he has to retrieved some from a car and leave no witnesses. Now, keep that lovely scene in mind because it is referenced quite a few times.

Back in present day, Cap, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Black Widow are doing recon and tracing Crossbones so that they can stop him from getting a biological weapon. (The biotech student in me is like: what is it made of? What is its mode of transmission? What types of viral vectors and DNA were used to make this?)  They got weapon, Crossbones said some things and then decides that he wants to be a human bomb by setting off a hand grande (spell check). Now Scarlet Witch did what she thought was the right thing: get the danger out-of-the-way to save as many as possible. Unfortunately, Cross-bomb was close enough to a building to kill and injure people who possibly had no idea what was going on below them.

Secretary Ross pretty much tells them “hey, I know you are saving lives and we are not going to focus on that. We are going to focus on the fact that A) innocent people died and B) y’all too powerful to go unchecked”. Then brings out a thick book (I will be calling them “The Accords”) that tells them what they can and cannot do under the rule set by 117 countries. This is one of a few instances where the writer really gives you the arguments for both sides.

So for Team Iron Man: yes, we need to sign them. We are way too powerful to go unchecked. Team Cap: no, we do not. We have been handling ourselves just fine. Besides, governments are run by people who have agendas and those agendas change.


I mean. You’re both right. Idk next topic.

There is so much that happens that pretty much will tip your mind to either go on one side of that argument or the other side. Both present their cases really well not in words but in the actions that they take.

There were a couple of sad scenes but it was almost like catalyst scenes to give that party a reason for their next course of action. For instance, when Agent Carter died and Agent 13 (yeah, remember her from Winter Solider? Who knew that they were related?) made a statement that help Steve realize what he must do: stand in his belief.

The ending is what got me. Now keep in mind that I really did not talk about a villain because to me, he really was not a villian like we see in comic book movies. Hell, he was barely in it. But the things that he set in motion all lead to that beautiful 2-on-1 fight that we see in the trailers. Zemo was the type of villian that planed seeds throughout the movie and it was enjoyable to see the end result. However, that was maybe the one part of the movie that made me think “you has to make sure that all of the pieces were together and at the right place at the right time for it work”. But I am getting slighty ahead of myself…

Towards the end, you see that Cap, Bucky and Iron Man meet up at the place where Bucky tuned into the winter solider and where there are other more powerful like him are on ice. But somehow all of them are dead and are killed by Zemo. He goes on to explain that he did not do all of this to activate them but for the three of them to meet in that room at that moment. What was the moment? For them to watch brainwashed Bucky kill Tony’s parents (I told you that flashback would be important).

There was so much in the movie that I appreciated. The way that they introduced both Black Panther and Spiderman without deviating from the plot of the movie was great. The airport scene was shot beautifully. The story fit right into place with what was going on with the other movies in the already established cinematic universe. But at the end of the day, the bad guy wins..kinda, I think. The Avengers will not be the one big happy family when Hulk and Thor comes back. I can’t wait to see how this storyline is finally going to playout while we are on the road to Infinity War.

Conclusion: Go see the movie already. It’s good. I saw it in IMAX and I was impressed. And stay for the two end credit scenes, one of them is half way through. Now who team am I on? Team Cap and here’s why. It will be an incident that some out of world being with bring down their hatred and conquering down on some insignificant country and they won’t be able to go. Why? Because those countries that are in charge of them will have them somewhere handling something that someone else can do.

So which team are you on? Comment below.




Things will be different

Published May 2, 2016 by cakedablerd

I am a writer, a student and I work a full-time job. In other words, it’s hard to keep up with this thing. But in doing all of this, some how I lost myself. At least the writer part of me. The funny thing is, I never stopped writing. Between calls, between classes, I wrote. I jotted down ideas that I want to talk about so when I decide to writing again on here, I will have plenty of ideas.

And here we are…

With a new outlook on life and a new focus, I finally have an idea of what I want this space to be. That’s why it took almost a whole freaking year. Some times, you have to walk away, regroup and forget so that you can recharge and find your voice.

So this is the deal: I will make this a very geeky blog in the hopes of turning this into a website. I will be posting cosplay that I will be working on so I can eventually help someone else. There will be opinion pieces and thoughts on different anime, comics, movies, etc.

This is my voice. Things happens….things change. My hope is that I will be entertaining, helpful, insightful and other things.

Peace & blessings,

Cake >_<

Changes to be made

Published July 7, 2015 by cakedablerd

The hardest thing I have learned about writing a blog is finding your voice and, with that new voice, finding a way to make in entertain enough for people to want to read it. I realize that with the lack of content on my tiny space of the blog-sphere, I really did not find a voice.


One day I was approached with the idea of whether or not I would be interested in doing reviews for a particular thing that I enjoy on my free time: anime. I have yet to do that review because I want to find a show that I enjoy enough to pick it apart and the like. However, with that being said, that means that my space in the internet will finally have a voice. A voice that I can say I will be happy to use.

So now the Chronicles of Cake will involve more geeky content and any other opinions that I may have. And they will be tagged appropriately so you will know what you want and do not want to read.

Thanks for being patient!

Love and what not


It’s been so long…

Published February 3, 2015 by cakedablerd

Yikes. And I’m sorry.

I know I had the blog for almost two years and yet and still I have not been consistent. (Other than a consistent year and some change of no content.) Truth be told, I had no inspiration to write. I mean absolutely none. I will say, depression is a bitch an a half.


I will press forward in my life.

I will say that when life gets you down and people still want to kick you even further into the ground, you really don’t want to do anything. But I’m doing this for me. I miss creating and things of that nature.

I was younger when I started this journey. Now at 30, I think I kind of gotten a hang of this thing called life. I just have to make sure that I don’t allow it to drag me down.

So let’s toast to a better restart to this blogging journey! Just be patient with me, I will try to do better this time :-).


An opinion…

Published July 20, 2013 by cakedablerd

Disclaimer: What I have to say, you may not agree with. However, other than bashing my opinion, let’s have an open discussion about it shall we?

First, let me start of by saying that I am not a lawyer by any means and I only took one law class in school. It’s an interesting topic but it is not something that I would for a career.

Now I understand that everybody is feeling some type of way about how Florida v. Zimmerman ended.I am glad to see that people are trying to do something due to the lack of justice but let’s not allow this to fad into the sunset. Why do I say that it is a lack of justice? Simply because it was; however, the case that state presented in this trial was so flawed that he was going to get off no matter how many emotions that we try to place into it. This point is going to be explain with the most logic that I can place in it as possible.

Let’s get this one fact straight: it could (and I am saying that with a very strong emphasis on could) be racially motivated, but if you are trying to get civil rights charges on him, they are not going to stick. Sorry, they are not. Him saying “they always get away with it’ is not enough reason for civil rights charges. However, just the lack of respect that the city gave this case in the first place may warrant something. It says something that it took public out cry for something to be done in the first place. 

Now back to the topic at hand: how the state failed. Everyone should have known that the case was not going in their favor the moment that they placed the manslaughter option on the table. Now if the would have tried to present the evidence as is and not tried to play on the emotional aspect of the case then 2nd degree murder would have stuck. How may you ask, because simply this case was about a man who failed to follow directions of authority that caused the death of a young man. Plain and simple. Could it have racial implications on the decisions that the man made, yes.

Now what saddens me are a few things. One, it set one very scary precedent in the state of Florida when it comes to the “Stand Your Ground” law: that someone could start a fight, lose said fight and kill the person and call it “self-defense”. Yep, that is now a fact, concerning right? Second, I cannot send my teenager to the store without having to worry about somebody following them with a gun. Third, that the verdict that was passed down did not shock me in one bit. And lastly, that the lives of our young people, which by the way have not been valued in a long time, is valued even less. This fact reminds me of a recent video game, Bioshock: Infinite in which the NPC (non-playable character) Daisy Fitzroy says this statement (which I am going to paraphrase to the best of my abilities) 

“The founders are just like weeds. In order to get rid of weeds, you can’t just cut them down. Oh no, you have to pull them up from the roots.”

Think about it in this way, if our young folks actually had guidance and really started to make power moves, wouldn’t you be afraid of the change that can happen if you were the status quo? So what do you? You make sure that it never happens ie “pull it up from the roots”.

 Things like this are going to happen and continue to happen unless something is done about it. Again, I am happy that people are getting up to do something about it. I just that this isn’t another fair-weather movement.

This month chronicles…

Published July 20, 2013 by cakedablerd

Since the last time I have written anything, a lot has happened. Some of the stuff I will touch and others I really don’t want to touch (ie the Zimmerman case) due the face that I really don’t want to be that serious. But first….

Artscape 2013…Image

If you live in the Baltimore metro area, you can go down to the UB/Midtown area to experience Artscape. It’s an arts festival that have live music, food and plenty of things to experience and buy there and the best part is that it is FREE! This 3-day festive is over on July 21. I mean really, where else can you find a car that has multi-colored pin pong balls on one corner, a jazz band playing on another corner and a hip-hop dancing with a classical violinist on another corner all in the same place. If you need more info, visit

Mozilla Firefox wants to be an OS and it’s on sale?!?

Now, I like tech stuff; however, this is one of the things that I did not know about. 

Just in case anyone else did not know, Firefox wants to compete in the mobile OS market to break up the duopoly that Apple and Google are currently controlling. Now, I have seen reports that they have a lot of oversees developers that are grabbing at the chance to actually get into this new market; however, the US isn’t one of them. However, if you want to buy it and check it out, you can go to places like Spain and get it. For more info:

San Diego Comic Con

Another thing that is happening right now is San Diego Comic Con (oh how I wish I can go).

All the upcoming movies such as Kick-Ass 2 and Riddick  are showing exclusive trailers. So if you are into booth girls and special announcements, you can check out various media outlets. Or just cut to the chase and check out Machinima’s website for more info.

Welp, that’s all that I think is important right now. I will have my take on the trial coming vary soon.